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Brioche Burger Buns

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Brioche Burger Buns

Wow!  3 posts in 3 weeks.  This one is all white bread too.  Lucy is really slipping!

Kroger had some 93% lean hamburger meat on sale this week for less than $3 a pound so we immediately started thinking about our monthly burger tradition.  The weather has been moderating and the pool water temperature is getting to be a bit below body temperature if you get in before noon as it is still in the mid 100’s by the afternoon.


I tried to get Lucy to go swimming with me to get back into some kind of shape but she isn’t having any of it and just wants to sun herself in the morning sun and sleep in the afternoons.  Sounds like the perfect life with someone else picking up your food, shelter and transportation costs.   Guess that makes her a millennial at heart even though she is only 15 going on 105😊

I’m just glad Lucy is feeling better with more spunk since we got her on the right food. Our daughter is coming for a visit next weekend for Labor Day and Lucy will be happy to see her again so Lucy needs a bath.  It’s been years since I gave her a bath but I thought I would again this week just for fun, save some bucks and remind her who the boss is around here. 

My daughter wants lox from The Bagel Man who gets them from NYC.   I’m going to make some with Gin, Dill, Salt, Pepper and Brown Sugar and then rinse them in some cold water and soak them for a bit in some water with la few drops of liquid smoke in it.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and see if I can make some half decent lox for $7 a pound instead of $27.  It’s all about the bagels anyway, right?  Maybe I’ll make some of them too since we can’t get SD bagels anywhere at all😊 

These buns were made from a 100 g flour poolish at 100% hydration using half AP and half bread flour  using 1 g of Instant yeast that I added 10 g of NMNF Rye starter too.  The started was still very active after being refreshed last week.  After 3 hours it had doubled.  We added 46 g of bread flour, 22 g of butter, 24 g of egg, 10 g of sugar and 3 g of salt to the mix.  We did slap and folds and then regular kneading to get it all mixed and the gluten developed.   Then let it sit fir an hour and did one set of stretch and folds.

After resting for 20 minutes we shaped them onto 3-115g balls that we flattened and patted into flattish rounds that we thought would be the right size for 5oz hamburger patties.  We put them on well used parchment paper that was on the vented tray that came with Mini Oven.  We put the whole thing in a plastic trash can liner to proof. 

After 45 minutes we fired up the MO to 425 F and got the dish rag into the Pyrex measuring cup that was half full of water to simulate Sylvia’s Steam.  After 2 minutes on the MW on high it was steaming so we brushed the tops of the buns with an egg wash and loaded it onto the open spot on the vented baking tray and loaded the whole shebang into the MO for 8 minutes of steam.

The buns went in with the middles a bit depressed for some reason but, after 8 minutes of steam, they had puffed themselves up in the middle to loo like hamburger buns.  We took out Sylvia’s steaming cup and turned the oven to 425 F convection for another 8 minutes when they browned up nicely.  We brushed them with water when they came out to the cooling rack to make sure the tops would be soft.

They came out light as feather and, after slicing to toast them on the grill, the inside was fairly open too.  These buns you can start to finish cooled in 6 hours which is a good thing to remember.  T like that they were mildly sour and held up well to the all the piled-on goodies – bacon, caramelized Hatch green chili, onion and mushrooms, mayo, ketchup, lettuce and tomato.

This is a great grilled burger for sure and worth all the work with baked wedge fries and home made the dill pickle spears that didn’t get into a picture for some reason.  We love hot dill pickles made with a split Serrano chili

The one and only,  great and wonderful daughter has already ordered tilapia Baja fish tacos with guacamole, salsa and chips one night and smoked chicken thigh, hatch green chili with beans, fresh corn and green beans in the soup with the same condiments for another night. 

By ordering Mexican, she is making it easy on her dad for next weekend.  We are all looking forward to a fun holiday weekend.  Lucy hopes you all have a good one with your family to!  If it’s not a holiday for you, where ever you are, Lucy says just act like it is and all will be grand 😉  Enjoy the monsoon sunset.



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Great looking buns.

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They were very tasty.  It's much harder to make brioche buns that aren't tasty.

Happy baking Benito

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Not because I prefer it this way but that I'd get myself into trouble otherwise. You see, when you add smoked salmon, it doesn't make sense to leave cream cheese out. And we all know salmon tastes 1000 times better with a squeeze of lemon. Then obviously something spicy is much needed so you gotta buy a box of elegant-looking but budget-unfriendly arugula. Hmm... If we've made it that far, there's no reason not to complete the sandwich with a tart element like Capers, pickled red onion or jalapeno, right? :)

I'm quite impressed the depressed buns sprang back up just fine. We don't have many great burger joints near by but whenever we visit one, I order the mushroom burger for sure. The caramelized Hatch green chili, onion and mushrooms have to be my favourite topping! I like that the patty is on the lean side too. Greasy foods upset my stomach too much for me to truly enjoy them... 

Love the grilled fish and all the salads that accompanied. Looking forward to your weekend Mexican fiesta! I'm starving for the tilapia Baja fish tacos by the way :) 

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Why did it lose the rest of my post?  Very frustrating! will try again.....@ Elsie

lead to failure because it is all tied up with fear, ego and pride - the 3 success killers.  Bagels are all about tradition sesame, poppy, onion and garlic and p[lain with lox, red onion, capers, scrambled egg, tomato and scallions was the way it always was at my MIL house for Sunday Brunch for about 40 years or forever.  My daughter and I have a!dded everything, pumpernickel and spinach and cheese, with Lucy's whole grain SD/ YW bagels to break with tradition and keep it from failing at our house today:-)  Hey if you want Arugula then I say go for it !

Have to have Lettuce , tomato, cheese and bacon along with the HGC, M and O with Mayo and ketchup to be a real hamburger.  Fat people like me don''t need more fat in our burgers no matter how much better it tastes.

Glad you liked the food and post Elsie - Happy Baking 

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Speaking of brioche, I just tasted a brioche made with sourdough and the flavour was a revelation.  It is something I'm definitely going to have to make in the future.  But I think I have to get my technique down pat before I try that.


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for the best flavor in just about any bread!  Plus it is more fun but taste rules!  I prefer YW to commerical yeast to but was short of time for these buns.  YW can be slower than SD:-)

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I'm getting hungry just looking at them! 

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we froze after dinner the other eat right now.....

Happy baking

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The buns and your food look awesome, as always.  I was thinking of trying a new Asian-inspired pulled pork recipe (just have to find it); of course it needs buns.

I gotta get to Gilbert next trip to NM so we can have a meal (when it cools off).  Just to rub it in, I had to go to Monterey this afternoon:  sunny at my house 30 min. north, but halfway there, at 1:30 the coast had thick summer fog and I could barely see the bay (I was on the coast highway).  Living here is why I melt in the southwest (espec. Phoenix).  Happy Labor Day!

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ice and hardly any rain.  We can go for weeks without even any clouds:-)  Having to go to Monterey must be really difficult:-)  We love that part of CA.  So pretty and the wines are ok.  It's not Sonoma or Napa but still not too bad!

These buns would work great with pulled pork of any kind.  Everyone melts here in the summer but this year was a mild one for sure even with little monsoon rain.  Only 106 F today!

Glad you like the post and Happy baking MBB

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Max and Lexi are demanding you get her West Coast Sister a pool float worthy of her stature!  Max doesn't care to get his paws wet either so sympathizes with her.🐶

The buns look perfect for that monthly burger and the rest of the food porn is mouth watering as always.

Max and Lexi recently started interning for the new company I am working for.  You can see their posts on LinkedIn here:

Happy Baking!

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Lucy does not like water one little bit - she even hates the rain.  But she does like to sun herself in her little patch of green yard.  She wants me to come out of retirement so she can get a job like the black ones but she doesn't have enough money to pay my get out retirement fee ......which is more than substantial and going up every minute.  She blew every dime she ever had and wasted her mom's inheritance on way to much fun.  Now she is old and broke  a bad combination

The buns made this month's bacon cheese with caramelized onion and mushroom burgers extra special for sure as did the hatch green chilies that were extra hot this year.

Glad you liked the post Ian and happy baking