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New member here

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New member here

Hi, little about myself, name is Bill, grew up in NJ, lived out of state few times, each time I always missed the food.. well purchased my retirement home down in Virginia (outside Roanoke area) by some family I have down there. Will be a little while before I actually move. Well now I really have to get to work to improve my baking. I've always enjoyed baking along with cooking but I'm no expert by any means, so I started searching for recipes for the rolls, bagels and pizza doughs from the NY/NJ area for when I do make the move, when I came across this website. I think I have my pizza dough down pretty good, grew up in Bergen county and always had good pizza, but now live in a section of Sussex co. where you would have to travel to find a good pizza (also bagels). So I just make my own pizzas. I'm lucky to have access to a restaurant depot supply, so 50lbs of 00 flour is easy to get. I've already read some of the posts on here and going to start experimenting with making the "hard roll" with some of the information I seen and I'll start going through this forum to compare bagel recipes. Thank you to everyone who has shared information on this site. Looking forward to learning from others experiences and knowledge. I'm sure I'll be posting questions as I go and I'll try to share what I can. Thanks Bill

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Be sure to check out the Roadside Pizza King. Imho he's our local pizza guru. I get hungry every time he posts.