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getting back to baking - a simple mixed flour bake

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getting back to baking - a simple mixed flour bake

It’s been quite a while since I posted except for the CB earlier this week.  I pulled my starter out of the fridge on Sunday and did one refresh. Then 9:15 pm mixed the levain

9 g starter + 44 g water + 44 g flour and left on the bench over night.

Monday am popped it in the microwave to warm up as room temp was only 12°C, brrrrr. once it was nice and bubbly mixed final dough

335 g bread flour + 6 g gluten flour

94 g Durum

60 g freshly milled whole wheat

37 g freshly milled spelt

360 g water.

brief mix by hand followed by 100 SLAFs.  Added salt and an additional 10 g water followed by 120 SLAFs. Dough left to bulk ferment. After 45 minutes I did 1 set of coil folds  then 2 more an hour apart.  It was not warm so last hour or so the BF was done in microwave with door cracked open.  Once I had 30% increase in volume and bubbles were visible with a slight domed look I divided dough into 2 x 550 g loaves, pre shaped and rested for 30 minutes.  At 7:15 pm I decided dough was ready so baked in preheated DO for 15 minutes at 430°c fan with lid on and 15 minutes lid off.

Crumb shot

It is good to bake again.  happy baking everyone




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Hi Leslie,

Welcome back, and you are off to a really good "crumb-ey" start.  Baking is therapeutic even if it takes some time and resolve "to get back into the mix".  Glad to see you posting again.


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it is definitely therapeutic but brings with it so very many memories.  I was happy with the crumb on this as I thiught it may have been denser due to the durum.  It tastes good too!  


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Looks like you haven’t lost your touch. Glad to have you back.


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but I enjoyed the bake. thanks Danny.


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I was wondering where you had been just this morning! Welcome back :)

What some simple but nice loaves! Perfect for toasts and sandwiches.

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just other things happening in my life, still busy but hopefully I can bake more again. 

You have some interesting bakes lately as well.

happy baking Elsie


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and bread making must be a bit like cycling....once you know how to do it, it sticks to you! Your starter also looks in top form to have 'risen' to such beautiful loaves!

Can't wait to see more of your breads! I am catching up and actually trying to put together some yeastwater using some fresh organic figs from our fig tree in the garden.

I just threw some figs in with some organic local honey and shake it ever so often...I must catch up what you guys alld did for the community bake..So lovely to see your posts... X Kat

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and how it work in your own situation it is much easier.  thanks Kat, enjoyed baking again that is for sure.

look forward to your YW bake 😊


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Looks like you have not missed a beat.  Good to see a post from you.  This must have been a tasty one too.

Happy Baking!


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I was surprised it wasn’t more dense because of the durum but happy the way it came out. 

I have come across some Italian flour here so next time will see how that bakes up.

happy baking Ian


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crumb is a dusey too!  Bet it tastes as good as it looks.  Just wonderful and welcome back Leslie! 

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thanks dabrownman, very good to see some posts from you too.

Happy baking dabrownman & Lucy