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starter advice for higher altitude/dry climates

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starter advice for higher altitude/dry climates

using the method from the tartine book, i began a starter about a week ago. the first three days, bubbles, a pungent smell, and dark bubbles formed, just as expected. however, with regular feedings, the starter soon began to smell like vomit and it still won’t rise throughout the course of the day. 

does this sound normal or like something’s gone wrong?

since the book was written by a SF baker, might there be different instructions for someone who is at 4000 ft elevation and in a dry climate? 

i was under the impression that the starter would be much more active at a week, but the only signs of activity are its terrible smell and very minimal bubbling at 24 hrs after feedings.



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You might want to look at Run by Maurizio Leo, a software designer turned SD fanatic. He lives in Albuquerque NM so climatic conditions may be similar to yours. It's a great site and according to many he will often respond to emails or questions posed on his site.

Good luck!



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