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Need experienced advice regarding oven replacement for cast iron

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Need experienced advice regarding oven replacement for cast iron


I am considering opening up a commercial bakery.  I have perfected my artisan sourdough bread recipe and can consistently make bread that I think will sell.  The issue I have is that my bread process uses a cast iron pot.  My cook time is 30 mins in the pot at 450 and 15 minutes uncovered.

Using cast iron isn't practical in the commercial setting, or at least not optimal.

Question:  will a professional commercial bread oven with steam injection replicate exactly, performance-wise, a dutch oven? I have tried to use my home oven for testing but the bread did not come out nearly as good as with the dutch oven. Of course, home ovens do not have steam injection, nor do they retain steam that you create by placing water in a pan.  The steam quickly goes out of the oven.

Anyone out there can vouch for a pro commercial bread oven with steam replicating as good performance of dutch oven?

Thank you!


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I'll be watching this thread as I've had the exact same question and same situation.  Thanks for posting! 

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A commercial deck oven with stone floor will be more reliable than any home oven.They can reach higher temperatures, they are sealed better, will often have an efficient built in venting system, and can steam inject in different ways.

The use of cast iron in the home baking environment is just that, for the home baking environment and is done to compensate for home ovens that are lacking. I personally don't like cast iron because it releases heat too quickly and can scorch.