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Has anyone used the Challenger Bread Pan yet?

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the hadster

Has anyone used the Challenger Bread Pan yet?

The Challenger Bread pan went on sale August 1.  I ordered one, but I'm at the cottage and I had it shipped home.  Has anyone used it yet?

I never got the Lodge Combo Cooker.  My loaves are too big for it, so it seemed counter productive to buy one.  Instead, I have a stone and I invert a large, deep bowl over the top of the loaf.  I asked my brother to drill a small hole on the side near the bottom of the bowl - the top when its inverted - through which I inject steam from one of those steam cleaner things.  He also fashioned a nifty "handle" for me so I could easily lift the dome off the bread. This has worked well for me.

However, I have wonderful results when I use a dutch oven, so I jumped at the Challenger Bread Pan.  I'm regretting sending it home, but....

So, if anyone has used it, I'd love to hear about your experience!