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Hello from England

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Hello from England

Tracey here,

I'm from England and I would love your help.

I'd like to lose a little bit (a lot) of weight but i'm finding it difficult to go on a no or low carbs diet because I have a slight obsession with bread.

Could anybody help me with this?

I just need suggestions on breads to avoid, i'll eat everything else.

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Hello there Tracey and welcome.  

Like you,  I'm obsessed with bread.  I lost around 70 lbs and kept my bread.  Haha. 

Keep in mind this is my opinion and very debatable,  but I'll share what I've experienced.  

1. Whatever you do, whichever bread you choose,  eat smaller amounts of them.  

2. Try to avoid commercial breads with all the syrups and sweeteners,  preservatives etc. 

3. Lean heavier on those European style,  and heartier breads like rye, whole wheats,  or sprouted wheats. I usually blend them in some fashion.  

4. Try using fasting as a method of dropping pounds.  I started at 12 hour overnight fasts and worked my way up to 18 hours.  After while,  it's easy.  Then you can back off it a bit and keep it at 12 hours.  You'll see the pounds drop.

5. Cut way back on sugars in general.  It's fine to eat some,  but cut back the sodas, cakes,  etc. 

Good luck! 


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Let me add something else to that.  If you like nuts and seeds, you may want to add them to your breads.  They're "good" fats, are filling,  and there are many choices - sunflower,  pumpkin,  walnuts, pecans, etc. They're hearty. Just don't eat a large amount at a sitting.  

If you find yourself still eating too much,  then the source of your issues may be elsewhere.