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Teff, date, pistachio and orange sourdough

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Teff, date, pistachio and orange sourdough

A-Lot-Of-Teff... 40% teff, 20% wholewheat, 40% bread flour

My old bakes were 20/20/60.

Crumb is a lot denser this time, which is fine and expected, I like dense bread too. But shaping was a nightmare and the flavor didn't really change that much. Conclusion:20% teff is ideal, 40% is not worth the trade off of bloom and especially VERY difficult shaping.

Original recipe ratio:(dough)
270g bf
90g teff
90g whole wheat
360g water, plus extra for salt IF needed

Bread in the photos ratio:
180g bf
180g teff
90g whole wheat ,same amount of water 

80g chopped dates
40g chopped pistachios
zest of 1 orange

Prepare dough for room temp long autolyse
For the quick levain: Take 40g of the dough and feed it to 40g of starter (my starter is 10%hydration ww), put it something warm, it'll be ready in 3 hours.

Add 9g salt and mix> 30mins
Do 3 more 30min folds, fold all add ins@ 2nd set
and 2 more 45 min folds
Let rest 1hr 15 min untouched
Shape and retard 12-18 hours

Alternatively, you can put the dough in the fridge right after finishing all the 30mins folds.
Retard for 12-18 hours, preshape and rest for 30 mins, shape and warm proof for about 1.5 to 2hrs before baking, result will be the same

Bake@ 500f 20mins covered
450f 25-30 mins uncovered 


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So what does Teff taste like?  I have not had the chance to try it yet.  I imagine it is low in gluten which is why you had so much trouble with the shaping.


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Mini Oven

:) I too wonder what about the taste.

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@isand and Mini

Teff is fragrant, upon opening the bag you can smell it, to me it's malty, earthy, slightly floral and sweet.

Traditionally it's most commonly use for a Ethiopian fermented flatbread/pancake called injera, it's traditionally made very tang, very fermented. It's the malty earthy note that I really like. For me personally, I prefer incorporating it with sweet loaves with dried fruit and cinnamon,btw I forgot to put 1/2 tsp cinnamon in the recipe....Overall I think teff really complements the sweet fruit and the spice.


Yes it's gluten free, that's why I think my 40% is pushing it way too much