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Hello from Florida

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Hello from Florida

Hi, I'm British and the one food I miss most from the UK is decent crusty bread. Happily I've been making bread for many years now and most of the time I'm very happy with the results, but sometimes... well, I'm delighted to find this group!

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Welcome, Bob!

I look forward to seeing some of your bakes. Please share your progress and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

We are here to help and at the same time, eager to learn.


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Welcome! And please post some of your fine creations as you bake.  

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Welcome to Florida! A very different climate from Britain. A change in weather has required some changes in baking. My sourdough often takes off quickly, dough sometimes needs cooling instead of warmth and I acquired a propane stove/oven that sits in my garage to bake  with so I don't heat up the house. A cheap, 30 year old apartment-sized stove that bakes more evenly than any modern stove I ever had.

Being a world-wide forum, I had the proper support here to make changes to my baking.


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Glad to hear from you Bob and hope to see you posting some of your crusty bread soon!


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Hey welcome aboard dear, Glad to know about you.