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White bean, kamut and bacon, green onions, Red Leicester sourdough!

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White bean, kamut and bacon, green onions, Red Leicester sourdough!

I'm on a mission to try out every beanny combo in sourdough baking!

Using canned cannellini beans this time, and slightly more bean to dough ratio.

I was amazed how differently the dough felt with white beans vs black beans, I'm not sure if it's the canned process or the types of beans really...

-fermention speed was rather normal compared to black beans last time, which picked up the speed real fast. 

-  I was able to perform the traditional folds as opposite to having to slap and fold 3 times! The starch in black beans seemed to be a lot "heavier" it slacked right down quick and gets extremely sticky.The starch in white bean was quite a bit lighter and holds it's shape between s/f, a lot easier to work with!

Both loaves got wonderfully tender crumb thanks to the beans, but they're different.....

The crumb in the black bean sourdough was a starchy kind of soft. With the white bean sourdough, it's more of a custardy kind of soft, if you look at the close up crumb shot, it looks a lot like an oat porridge bread, and the texture is very similar to one as well!


60g levain(20g ww starter fed with 20g rye 20g water)
120g whole kamut 
220 g bread flour
260g water plus extra 30g for salt(I used 20g)
8g salt 
220g white bean- (canned ,rinsed and drain, mashed)
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning(not packed!) 
1/2 tsp dried sage (not packed!) 
10 cracks of black pepper
4 stalks of green onions (toasted with bacon fat)
2 slices if thick cut bacon(chopped, crisped, drained out excess fat)
30g red Leicester chesse cubes

4 hour ish warm bulk:

1 set of slap and fold 30 mins after mixing,salt was added 

3 set of folding 45 mins apart, fold in add-ins during the first set

left untouched for 1hr15-30 mins

Shape and retard for 15 hrs

Bake@500f 25mins covered

450f 25mins uncovered 


What kind of beans should I try next time?

Japanese adzuki bean for a sweet loaf is already on my list! But that's gotta wait till my next trip to an Asian grocery store 



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What a gorgeous loaf of bread, it must taste great too.


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There's a thread on here about pinto bean bread.  Search for pinto beans

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Excellent job.  Your crumb looks perfect.  So what flavor if any did the beans impart?  I've baked with lentils but the one time I tried beans several years ago I wasn't happy with the texture, but it was a while ago and I don't really remember anymore.

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Pinto bean sounds good! Pinto bean it is for my next experiment!

isand66: The beans adds some nuttiness and sweetness to the bread.

The texture of my first attempt in bean bread wasn't pleasant either, the bean starch gave me and illusion that it could take a lot of water and I ended up over hydrated it.I paid attention to the hydration and also the add in veggies the second time and it turned out great.