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Sourdough in bread machine (bake in oven)

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Sourdough in bread machine (bake in oven)

How would go about making sourdough in a bread machine but baking in normal oven?  I've got a typical bread machine with set programs.  Can anyone outline general procedure as to how to do it?  I'm relatively new to baking. 

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You don't say why you want to make the bread in a machine but bake it in an oven.

I don't have a machine myself, but my mother does, and makes very successful sourdough breads with the starter I gave her. If you build your leaven first, retaining it to maintain the starter, and just add it to the other dough ingredients in the machine, you should be fine.

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On my machine there is a bake only function. I use this fuction without the kneading blade in after I mix and knead the ingredients. Works a treat.