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I need help with protein bar recipe for business

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T. M. 1992

I need help with protein bar recipe for business

I want to start a protein bar making business

So I need help with designing the perfect recipe for production with little processing as possible (no bake no fridge requires) so it’s just

1 - mixing

2 - extruder (cutting)

3 - packaging


The recipe I have is great but I have a problem with stabilizing the bars so soft and the shelf life of the bars specially in this two factors a long side with cost


The ingredients I use


Oatmeal and oatmeal flour

Whey protein powder

Chocolate chips

Peanut butter


The binding syrup and other ingredients for preserve the product where I have a problem with

I need help with the binding syrup and what syrup vs dry ingredients ratio for perfect stables bars 


Also if any notes and advice on changing the ingredient are welcome


Please advise

Thank you.

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By googling for "oat protein bars", you can get several recipes. From what I found, honey is a good syrup to use. You don't want to use HFC and artificial sweeteners.

I would also suggest looking up commercial brands for their ingredients and nutrition facts to help you to decide how you can improve your product. You can go to their websites or online groceries like Walmart and Amazon.

Also, to experiment with recipes, it is advisable to have an electronic scale that weighs to at least a decimal place. I have one that weighs to two decimal places. I also use a recipe program manager, Mastercook, to help with scaling, nutrition and costing, even though I am not in the food business.