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Black bean sourdough with caramelized onions and Jalapenos! (crumb shot included)

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Black bean sourdough with caramelized onions and Jalapenos! (crumb shot included)

  • This is the 2nd attempt, the first experiment was a failed, overfermented, over hydrated, over proofed, lacking oven bloom product 

This time I dramatically cut the bulk time, tuned down the hydration, further dehydrated the add-in veggies.

Dough didn't rise much at all during fridge proof, I panicked, but I remembered how I failed last time so I went ahead and bake it anyway, it was a success! 


60g levain
(20g ww starter fed with 20g rye 20g water)
60g dark rye
30g ww flour
250 g bread flour
260g water plus extra 30g for salt
8g salt plus extra pinch for veggie
200g black bean- coooked, lightly salted, mashed
1 tsp cumin(not packed!) plus extra pinch for veggies
1 tsp chipotle (not packed!) plus extra pinch for veggies
30 cracks of black pepper
150g chopped onions
70g chopped jalapenos, 3cloves garlic 
30 cracks of fresh black pepper
5g butter/bacon fat/ any kind of fat

-build starter@85f - 3hr15 mins
-Autolyse(flour, 260g water, spices)@room temp 2hrs

Caramalize onions on medium low heat with oil, a pinch of salt, pinch of cumin,chipotle, cook till onion take on a lil bit of color, add jalapeno, cook till fully caramelized and all veggies decrease volume by at least 2/3, add minced garlic the last 2 mins, don't rush this step as you want to dry out most of the moisture, my cooked veggie mixture only weighed 52g after cooling

Mix levain with dough and spices> rest 15mins@ 85f
Slap and fold 30 times
immediately mix salt and reserved water as needed, follow by beans>veggies- > continue Slap and fold 30 more times> rest 45mins
Slap and fold 30 tims>rest 45 mins
Slap and fold 30 times>rest 1 hr 15 mins
Directly shape and place into banneton
(You'll need to rely a lot on the bench scraper to tighten it up as the dough is very tacky)
straight into fridge and retard for 12 hours

Bake @ 500f covered 30 mins
vent oven for 20 secs
450f uncovered 20mins (internal temp 205f)

Notice the bulk time is very short, Otis(my sourdough starter)seemed to LOVE beans and@85f, the fermentation speed was almost out of control the first time, I swiched from traditional slap and fold followed by a series of stretch and fold the first time, to vigorously slap and fold 3 times over the very short bulk fermentation process, and it finally worked out!



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Dough after shaping :


Dough right before baking:


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Very cool idea for a loaf!

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I want to make the color darker but I don't know how much it would affect the fermentation process if I use the water from cooking the beans🤔 experiment for another time I guess!