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converting gluten starter to non-gluten starter

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converting gluten starter to non-gluten starter

My daughter-in-law has been diagnosed with Crohn's.  I would like to be able to bake her some gluten free bread.  I have a 100% hydration white bread flour starter that I have been using for a number of  years.  It is left on the counter and fed twice a day.  Can I use part of my starter to convert to a second starter that is gluten free?  What would members recommend?  Buckwheat or Quinoa or something else?  How many feedings before it is converted to gluten free?  Love this site!!!!



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From what I have read, it seems the bigger concern for a person suffering from Chron's disease is bran and other fiber-rich foods, not gluten.  In other words, white bread is recommended over whole grain bread. 

For a person with celiac disease, gluten is to be avoided entirely. 


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Stuart Borken

Crohn's is not related to gluten.

You will never be able to convert a gluten based starter to a non-gluten starter.  There will always be gluten in it no matter how you try to dilute it.