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Hello friends!

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Hello friends!

My name is Martin, I'm from Slovakia and I've been baking SD bread for about three years now. I bake exclusively with SD (my belly doesn't like commercial yeast). I love making country loaves, pizza, baguettes, croissants, wholegrains, banana bread and more. I'm looking forward to interacting with all y'all beautiful peeps.

Feedback to the forum: I haven't noticed the "edit post" function. Is there any? Also, it seems that the Enter key sometimes makes bigger spaces between lines. I haven't realized the pattern it works on yet tho.

Have a great day,


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If you start a new thread for people to reply, there is an Edit tab at the top of the frame after you have saved the post.  If you are replying/commenting to someone else's post, you will see an Edit hyperlink at the bottom right of your reply.  You can only edit your own contributions.

I hope you enjoy this site. Many people here are professionals and/or very accomplished bakers.