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Straight Dough with toasted sesame seeds

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Straight Dough with toasted sesame seeds

I am sharing this bread since I am so surprised how good it turned out for a simple Straight dough. The ingredient proportions are similar to FWSY Saturday White, but the process is modified and simplified according to Martin Philip’s Breaking Bread. I also shaped differently than my usual, and as I am not sure why the bread turned out so good, I repeat the steps exactly.

450 gram (100%) bread flour
324 gram (72%) water at 30 C
9.5 gram (2.1%) salt
1.8 gram (0.4%) instant yeast
50 gram toasted sesame seeds

1.    With a fork or similar, mix well all the dry ingredients in a bowl;
2.    Add the water and with the fork, mix to combine wet and dry until it does not help anymore (probably one minute);
3.    Than, switch to mix with your hand until all dry flour is incorporated and wet (probably one minute). Adjust with a little water if needed. There is no need to develop gluten;
4.    Cover and start a 3 hours bulk fermentation (my kitchen is at 20C), making one four corners fold at 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes;
5.    Pre-shaping: Remove the dough into a lightly dusted counter top. Stretch the dough to about 25 * 25 cm. Stretch and fold from all four sides and leave seam side up to rest covered for 15 minutes;
6.    Shaping: Stretch the dough again the same way and shape a batard;
7.    Proof seam side down in a baker’s couche for about 60 minutes;
8.    Score;
9.    Bake enclosed for 20 minutes at 480 F ( I am using a double roaster over a baking steel);
10.  Bake in the open for additional 20 minutes at 450 F, rotating after 10 minutes

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and don't you find that the dough in bulk smells amazingly with the toasted sesame seeds?

Have you baked with starter too or do you mainly use instant yeast? Kat

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I just purchased some sesame seeds and have tons left over from a salmon recipe, both black and white. Which did you use? What do the sesame seeds add to the flavor in your opinion? Do they have any nutritional value (that you might know of) or are they largely undigested? I have to proceed cautiously, since my husband likes only plain breads usually, thus all the questions so I can "sell" him on the idea ; )

Of course, the photo of your loaf is the best advertisement!