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Scallion Sourdough Naan

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Scallion Sourdough Naan

In my ongoing quest to ensure that no sourdough starter goes to waste, I found a naan recipe on Breadtopia.  I’ve flavoured it with the addition of scallions.  I have to say, having just eaten one hot off the cast iron skillet that they taste great.  You can really taste the sourdough and yoghurt along with the scallions.

275g flour (2 cups) (a mix of all purpose and home-milled sprouted hard red spring wheat here but I vary this)⁠

200g sourdough starter (3/4 cup stirred down)

125g milk⁠ (1/2 cup)

75g 2% yogurt⁠ (1/4 cup)

5g salt⁠ (1 tsp)

oil or butter for rolling out the dough

Mix the ingredients, hand-knead a bit in the bowl. The dough should be sticky but dry enough to manipulate by hand. ⁠

Cover and let rise until almost doubled. This can take most of the day at room temperature, several days in the refrigerator, or a combination of both for varied times.⁠

De-gas the dough, divide it in 8-10 pieces, and roll into balls. This is a good time to add garlic, chives or herbs if you want. I added garlic scapes even later, just before rolling flat, and that worked okay, too, but keep in mind that pointy or large additions may cut the dough when you roll it out.⁠

Proof for 0.5-1.5 hours (the longer end if you’re working with refrigerator-cold dough).⁠

On your stovetop, preheat a 10-inch or larger cast iron pan to medium while you roll out your first ball. You can flour your counter or oil/butter your rolling pin. I now prefer the latter.⁠

⁠Fry each side of the rolled out dough for 1-2 minutes. Flip when the top of the dough bubbles and the sides curl under.⁠

Place the cooked naan on a rack to cool. You should have time to roll one dough while frying another. When all the naan are cooked and cool, cover them so they don’t dry out.⁠


I only proofed it at room temperature (warm in the summer) for 4-5 hours then placed it in the fridge overnight.  I pulled them out for several hours in the morning before forming the doughballs.  I finely chopped 2 scallions and added them while forming the individual doughballs.  


Hope you’ll try these.

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Yum, they look great and sound delicious.

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I love naan and have yet to try them.  These look amazing.  I have to get my cast iron pan up to snuff first and then I will give these a go.

Thanks for sharing.


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What hydration level is your starter?  I use a 66% starter so I would need to adjust the water level if this recipe is using a different hydration level.


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My starter is a 100% hydration starter.  I hope you like the naan, report back after you make them.


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Will do.