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New (to me) cookbook

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New (to me) cookbook

Today I found the book "Dough" by Richard Bertinet in my local library, and I have never seen it mentioned on TFL and wonder if any member knows it? He gives the recipes for five basic doughs and ways to use them, and he makes all of his doughs by hand. There are good pictures AND a DVD, and his aim is to persuade people that bread making can be simple - and rewarding. From the photographs it looks as though he uses the French fold - I'm off to watch the DVD to see how he does it, A.

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I've got that book (as one of many in my bread baking library) and also its follow up book called "Crust." I recently posted about croissants from the "Crust" book. I like both books. They're a lot more short on the theory and science of bread baking than for example Hamelman, but the demonstration of dough handling on the video is quite interesting. Both books also offer lots of pictures to illustrate things.

The book(s) is/are a lot more limited than for example BBA/Hamelan etc., so if you are on a limited budget, you'd probably go for those first. The library may be just the solution to that problem. 


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And I've used his techniques for kneading which are fascinating.  It's magic when the dough finally comes together and stops being sticky.  Unfortunately, with recent injuries to my shoulder and hands, I now have to use the standing mixer with dough hook to make his bread, but they really are very, very good.

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I watched the DVD twice and was fascinated to see him doing the French fold - for up to 5 minutes! His dough appeared to be quite soft but when he shaped it it didn't spread - I'm sure mine would have. No flour, oil or water on the work surface, magic! A.

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I've wanted to look at that book, and for some reason hadn't checked at the library.  It's there, so I'll take a look next week.