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fennel, apricot, cranberry, walnut levain

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fennel, apricot, cranberry, walnut levain



I took inspiration from this fig and anise levain, but then swapped out the mix-ins and followed

my own process:



50g starter

58g water

100g flour (50/50 whole wheat and bread) 


Final dough

208g levain

787g bread flour

138g whole wheat flour

375g Mix of dried cranberry/golden raisin, apricot/walnut

15g fennel

712g water

50g schnapps used to soak dried fruit

20g sea salt



1. Cut up fruit and soak in 50g of peach schnapps. Toast the walnuts. 

2. Mix levain and let ferment for 4 hours at 85 degrees

3. Mix flour and water and let autolyse over the same 4 hour period

4. Use pincer method to combine the flour, salt, and levain

5. Do 70 slap and folds, wait 30 minutes and do 40 slap and folds (incorporating fruit and nuts at this point), wait 30 minutes and do 10 slap and fold. Now do 3 sets of stretch and fold over the next 1.5 hours. Total bulk fermentation of 4 hours.

6. Preshape, wait 20 minutes and did final shaping and put in fridge overnight (7 hours)

7. 1 hour fermentation on counter in the AM

8. 25 minute bake at 450 degrees followed by 15 minutes without steam 



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Can’t wait to see the inside and hear how it tastes!

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Thanks for your encouragement! 

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I still have a lot of work to do towards getting a more open crumb, but the taste is good!


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Well done!

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Wow, that looks great. Bravo!