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Sourdough Fails

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Sourdough Fails

Im having a very hard time with Sourdough lately.  My guess is due to the heat and humidity.  My questions is how could I adapt a recipe to yeast?


Looking to make Emily Raffas Everyday Sourdough in a yeast version


  • 1/4 C (50g) Sourdough Starter previously fed, active and bubbly
  • 1 1/3 C + 2 Tbs (350g) Warm Water about 80f (26c)
  • 4 C (500g) Bread Flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp Fine Sea Salt

My thoughts would be to make a one time starter with flour, water & yeast to equal 50 g.  Sit overnight.  Maybe this is called a poolish?  Then proceed with the instructions as written with about an hour bulk.  

Thoughts?  Or would I need to scale back on the water & flour in the recipe?


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If you are concerned about heat, then reduce the temperature of the water you are adding to the dough. A general rule, in Fahrenheit, is the temp of the room + water + flour = 225 degrees. If the room 85 degrees, then I would reduce the water temp to 65 degrees. 

Are you doing a levain with the 50g starter? You'd want to take the 50g starter and add about 70g water and 70g flour and let that sit for 4-6 hours before mixing the dough. 

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Unlike using levain, polish typically accounts for 25-40% of the total dough weight. So you would need more than your levain. Otherwise if you adjust accordingly it should work fine. A ripe poolish takes between 12-16 hrs typically depending on temp of the room it’s in.