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How to relate the height to its original height if I scaled down my Bread

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How to relate the height to its original height if I scaled down my Bread

So I always measure the height of bread after baking it. This is to establish a uniform production of bread. However, I am currently experimenting on a new flour that my friend bought from southeast asia and it is only 1 kg. So, I had to scale down my loaf bread from 800 grams of flour to 200 grams. Now, I'm not sure if I just have to multiply by 4 the height that I got from the 200 gram-bread. I have no problems with the pan since I also have a pan for the 200 grams.

How do I relate the height of the bread from the 200 grams to the 800 grams? I've no spare flour since I also had to make steam buns and cakes from it. Any ideas? Help.

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Mini Oven

and compare them zooming in and out.  :)

(What an easy way to get large holes!)

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I too am interested in loaf height and often record it for my bakes. My "measurer" is a length of 1.5mm stainless steel welding rod with a point on the end. This is inserted into the loaf from the top until the bottom is reached to give the height.

Sadly I don't know of any other bakers on TFL that record loaf height, so It's good to find someone who does!

I'm not sure if you can pro-rata up from 200g to 800g, as small loaves seem to spring up more bigger ones.