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Sourdough with coarse cornmeal, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

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Sourdough with coarse cornmeal, sunflower and pumpkin seeds


I copied this recipe from Danni . Following her comments I increased the amount of cornmeal, but otherwise I pretty much followed exactly. My apartment was hot and humid (NYC summers!) so I reduced I lot of the fermentation times. 

at 7:30am I poured 220g of boiling water on 120g of coarse cornmeal and at the same time I built my levain of 33g starter, 33g rye, 66g whole wheat, and 66g cold water (my apartment was about 82 degrees). 

At noon I did an autolyse of all of the cornmeal soaker (about 340g) with 300g whole wheat and 700g bread flour and 560g water. This sat for 1 hour.

Given how hot my apartment was, at 12:30 (5 hours later) I mixed the dough adding the levain and 22g of salt. I did 70 slap and folds, waited 30 minutes, and did 40 slap and folds during which I incorporated the 150g of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I then transferred the dough to a container and did 3 stretch and folds over the next 1.5 hours. The bulk ferment was about 4.5 hours and the dough rose maybe 30-40%. 

I then pre-shaped the loaves and did a final shape 10 minutes later. Given how hot my apartment was, I was nervous about over-proofing. 

I then refrigerated the shaped dough for about 15 hours and baked right out of the fridge for 25 minutes covered and 20 minutes uncovered. 

This is by far the best oven spring I've ever had. I was worried because the loaves hadn't risen much during the fermentation process. I am so excited to cut it open! 


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I thought the crumb would be more open so I'm a bit disappointed, but it tastes very good. Not sure why I keep on getting this type of crumb structure, but I'll keep on trying!


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That’s amazing oven spring! And your crumb is perfect for sandwiches so don’t worry too much about it not having those big holes. Sometimes I get them, and often I don’t. But in the end, the important thing is how it tastes!