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Two Germans in HK, baking bread

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Two Germans in HK, baking bread

Hi everyone!

Well, the title of this post sounds like a very, very bad artsy short film :D 

But anyhow, just wanted to say hello from Hong Kong! We're Nicola & Marcel, originally from Germany, and we started to miss really good sourdough bread after moving to HK. So we decided to start baking!

With every bake, we got hooked even more and now it's a real passion of ours. Our daughter is one year old and sourdough bread, especially rye, is her favorite food in the world. We have an instagram account, too, and a Facebook page, if you want inspiration, recipes, tips etc. It's called "Proof perfected".

Thanks for welcoming us into this community! We're happy to read about everyone's baking journey, learn a lot and help wherever we can.

Happy baking!

Nicola & Marcel

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HK is very hot (then again, so is Germany these days!). Fortunately, most places in HK have great air conditioning (unlike Germany, or so I've read). Otherwise baking bread would be intolerable in the summer!