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Community Bake *Pizza* UPDATES

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Community Bake *Pizza* UPDATES

Please click THIS LINK to be taken to the latest update for the Pizza Community Bake.

If you would like to be notified via email of updates to the Pizza Community Bake, simply post a short reply to this topic. 


Explanation for those that care to read.

Since the Community Bakes have a way of getting super large, I am trying to post all of my bakes in a single reply. I am hoping that consolidating information in a single post will help to better organize the information for a particular baker and avoid some confusion. The idea is to edit the original post with the latest bakes at the very top. This way when the reader is taken to the post they will see the latest update at the very top of the reply. Hopefully, other participating bakers will follow the format.

BUT there is an unresolved issue... When the post is edited the Recent Comments on the home page show it at the top of the column for all to see. BUT, there is no email notification sent out to the active participants of that post. Thus the idea of this post. The plan is when the original post is edited with new info, that the user can add a new reply to this topic linking back to their edited post. Using this topic for update links will eliminate additional post to the congested Community Bake.This should work to notify participating users that an update has been published.

Well I’m out of breath :-).  I hope my effort to explain is understandable. I am trying to work within the limitations of the forum. Not complaining, I appreciate Floyd’s effort to build such a useful forum! Thank You, Floyd...


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Add me to the update list

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Please add me to the updates list