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Carrot sourdough with sunflower seeds

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Carrot sourdough with sunflower seeds

Loaf with carrot, polenta, einkorn, sunflower seeds,crushed coriander seeds.

Wanted a carrot thing, debated if I should make it sweet or savory, went for savory:)

Not coll enough to cut it open yet but I'm excited!

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The inside looks like this.

Crumb is very very tender

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The Roadside Pi...

The experiment was a success! Make shore to document every step of the way.

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Very nice. Great work.

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It looks delicious and me with no breakfast yet! Please do post the recipe and techniques used as it is a beautiful loaf.Great flavor combination.

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(I took 24g of my week old wholewheat starter in the fridge and feed it with 24g bf+24g water
I put mine in the oven with a pot of warm steamy water on the other side and it was ready to use in 4 hrs)

2. Prepare soaker and seeds while waiting for starter to be ready
-Pour 75g boiling water right over
60g polenta +2g salt. Set aside.

- lightly toast 40g pumpkin seeds, pour out,
add 1 Tbsp Coriander seeds(toasted and crushed)
add 10g salt and set aside

3. Dough
310g carrot juice*
5g wheat germ
160g whole einkorn flour
300g bread flour
mix and autolyse in room temp till starter's ready

*I don't have a juicer so I blended about 360g of carrots with a splash of water, then strain out the amount of liquid I needed.
I made some lovely rye crackers with all the leftover carrot pulp the next day!

4. Grate 1 small carrot, about 70g

1. When the starter is ready,
Flatten the dough on the counter
spread and dimple all of the levain in the dough
Keep folding and dimpling till incorporated

Knead in:
Shredded carrot and all the seed/salt mixture 
Rest 10 mins
Knead in the soak polenta

It'll look a little bit messy but it'll come together
The dough is moist enough for me so I didn't use extra water other than wetting my hands!

3.Warm bulk -2hours
4 sets of stretch and fold 30 mins apart each set. When the dough jiggles and kind of holds the dome shape after the last s/f, it's ready for the fridge!

4. Put it in the fridge to finish fermenting
12-20 hours I let mine go for 16

5. Next day, scrap dough out on the bench, roughtly pre-round, rest pre-round for 30-40mins

Shape and warm proof in a banneton
Mine took about 1 hour 45mins

Bake @450 f covered 30 mins, 400 f uncovered 22 mins

P.S. I chose cold bulk because of my schedule, feel free to do an extra 1.5-2 hr of warm bulk>shape and cold proof it if fits your schedule more!
This bread is quite pleasantly mild, but I feel like it could take bolder flavors, next time I'll try either adding chopped cilantro or even a Tbsp of garam masala to give it a kick