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Multigrain bread w Roasted garlic, thyme, fennel and poppy

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Multigrain bread w Roasted garlic, thyme, fennel and poppy


First time trying this flavor combo, pretty good.

Could be better with another 15-20mins of proofing??

60% whole grain( einkorn, spelt, rye and whole wheat all 15 %respectively)

37% Bread flour 

3% wheat germ

1 head of roasted garlic(I put everything in the dough, olive oil and all)

Thyme and crushed fennel seeds to taste

I Tbsp Poppy(Will use more because I like the texture added)

About 75% hydration more or less. I used all of of water, but I didn't count the moisture of the roasted garlic and oil

16 hour Cold bulk,

out of the fridge,

30mins bench rest

shaped cold and warm proof for about 80 minutes (but I feel like it needed another 15-20 min, or bench rest for that much longer to bring the dough up to room temp before shaping. )It was a cold day and I felt like the dough was colder than it normally should when I did the final shaping. Maybe that explains why only the center of the loaf seemed to be a tad bit under proofed and the other sections are fine.

Like this one

 Or am I totally paranoid? What do you think?



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Looks great to me! I'm inspired by your flavor combos. When you add things like carrot, how do you account for the extra moisture?

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I look at the.....nutrition facts! For veggies it's composed of carbs, fiber, and traces of protein and fat, the rest is all water and traces of vitamins and minerals. Of course the dough won't absorb absolutely all of the moisture but that gave me a ballpark of how much moisture it could possibly release. And I always reserve water especially when I make savory bread for sandwiches like this one, I want it to be more sturdy and able to slice thinly, and only use the reserved water if necessary