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FWSY 80% biga

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FWSY 80% biga

This was my first attempt at the FWSY 80% biga. As usual I made the dough using 25% whole wheat, I reduced the water temperature given the temperature of my apartment, and slightly reduced the proofing time. Given the lack of oven spring and tighter crumb structure, maybe I should reduce the proof time further? It tasted good, but definitely room for improvement. Is a good rule of thumbs for FWSY to end the bulk ferment when the dough is 2x the original volume? 


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Abe (not verified)

And it looks good! Agree with proceeding cautiously with Forkish timings. I have some issue with giving an exact % rise as not all dough is the same. Depends on flour and hydration. But I do think is tripling is never a good idea. Loaves look good and I like the crumb.