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Brioche ; Spiral Mixer

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Brioche ; Spiral Mixer

Hello my fellow bakers, 


Im having some issues with making brioche in my spiral mixer.

The recipe I use is excellent using a hook in a planetary mixer but when using my spiral (increased quantity) I am having issues. 

The dough is often coming out too warm (27c). I am chilling all the ingredients overnight but that hasn't worked.

I am not getting the same strength from the dough as before. 


I am mixing, resting and then mixing and add the room temp (18c) butter to the dough in increments. 


If anyone has experience with this then please let me know. 



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At my bakery we mix large quantities of brioche in a loiselet 60qt spiral, and we do it as a straight mix without any rest, add all the butter at once after the dough is at a good development, then divide with no more than 4kg/bin and chill immediately, shape later in the shift, and retard the shaped brioche overnight. 


We used to have a sponge and a rest period during the mix but both of those factors, plus an overnight bulk ferment, gave us terrible alcohol-y flavors. Of course the recipe is at 1% SAF so that might have something to do with it...


Good luck!