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baking in other people's kitchens

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baking in other people's kitchens

We're visiting kids.  Brought my scale, a dough tub, recipes, long clay baker & 3 bannetons, and bought good flour here.  Hope to bake with a great-niece at our next stop; she turned out 5 pies for Thanksgiving (I've never managed more than 2-3 and I'm 48 years older).  My daughter's kitchen is small (with a great oven).  Before we left I'd loaned my Ank & basic tools to a young couple looking to buy their 1st stand mixer and start making pizza & simple breads.  

I learned you can bake bread when you don't have your usual tools.  I forgot my pastry mat & pizza stone in the RV (parked 35 miles away).  Used a heavy 15" x 10" with parchment.  I'm not great at flipping dough onto the stone and use a peel (loaned out).  Used a very heavy mesh splatter screen as a peel.  I'd loaned out my 3 bench knives so he could try different sizes.  Used a heavy-duty silicone spatula for scraping & cutting.  My daughter has my old KA 5qt and it still works beautifully.  3-cheese Semolina Bread for my SIL's parents & brother, rolls for the kids.

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To be able to travel with all the tools.  I have to fly, so I make do with what they have. Bread looks great.

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David R

My much lower level of baking experience probably makes me more dependent on my own place and my own things. Something needs to be consistent and reliable in order to achieve good results - and the consistent reliability sure isn't coming from me!

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David, you'll get there with practice.  At home I'm quite capable of messing up a recipe I've made many times (read the weight wrong for an ingredient and then wondered why the dough is wet/dry, or weird math when increasing by a different percentage than normal).  I enjoy baking for people who don't, and contributing something to those who feed me (the guest).  We have lots of storage in the RV.  I only bring essentials; most people have cookie sheets & racks.  Bought a fresh 25lb bag of OG bread flour at Lehi Roller Mills (Lehi UT), and BRM semolina at WF.  We bought 2 small Gamma buckets at Bosch to take the flour home.  More flour will get used next week in ABQ:  in-laws in their 80's, our son, 6 nieces/nephews & their kids.  Big family potluck dinners next week.  

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t all looks plenty god enpough to eat for sure.  Enjoy the family time!  Safe travels and Happy Baking MBB