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Partially Self-Milled Sourdough

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Mr. Waffles

Partially Self-Milled Sourdough

I did Maurizio’s beginner’s sourdough, from The Perfect Loaf, with some freshly-milled hard white wheat and rye in lieu of packaged whole wheat and rye.

Quite happy with how it worked out. The Grainmaker No. 99 never fails.


Maurizio’s Beginner’s Sourdough

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That’s a gorgeous, gorgeous loaf! Well done! I bet it tastes amazing!

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Mr. Waffles

Thanks for the kind words. I mostly do brioche and waffles, but I’ve been dabbling in sourdough — a new-found interest. I like having a pet that I bake with ;)

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Beautiful result, great oven spring and ears.  I have not been able to get those ears doing Maurizio's beginner sourdough yet.

Can you post a photo of the crumb?

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That's one fine loaf.  Yes, baking with freshly milled grain is such a pleasure.  Please show us the crumb and your waffles and brioche.