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Metal bench scraper on Quartz

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Metal bench scraper on Quartz

The title says it all! Just moved into an apt with quartz countertops. Will a metal bench scraper scratch or damage quartz or should I just get a pastry board instead? I've been kneading high hydration sourdough on wood in the past. Thanks!

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metal might scratch quartz.  Have you tried plastic ones instead.  I use them for my stone table and they are great.  On the plus side working high hydration dough on a quartz table is soo much easier than on a wood one!

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Imho I wouldn't use metal there.  Been using these plastic ones.  They work fantazmically.. nice and firm.  Easy cleaning.  

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Thanks for the responses! I'll give my plastic scrapers a go!

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David R

Quartz is just at that inconvenient hardness where (a) metal tools will make scratches, AND (b) the quartz will harm your knife edges too. So make sure you keep a cutting board handy.

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I have a metal bench scraper and quartz countertops and I haven’t seen a single scratch of any kind on my countertops despite using my metal bench scraper loads.