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I submit

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The Roadside Pi...

I submit

My first attempt at a sourdough short pastry.

The method I used included a 48 hrs. slow cold ferment. The 1/2 lard 1/2 butter crust was rolled out very cold and I used a frozen blackberry filling. The pastry seemed to melt into a very tender and flaky crust.

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For the love of pie man, that looks absolutely edible!! And the bottom crust looks well cooked, which I always think is the true test of a good pie. It's often under-cooked and soggy!  But not yours! Tell us more, how did you make it.. share the full recipe. I could sure go for a slice of that now!  And I know lard isn't good for you - but what's the point of living without good pie!

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Ok, looks amazing.  More details, please.  Especially was quality did the SD component add?

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That's the key to a good crust - butter and or lard. Now I gotta have pie!

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That looks very good.  I’ve not heard of sourdough pie pastry before.  What does it taste like?

Recipe please!