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20190518 Rus Brot's CLAS Wheat-rye Russian Pancake

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20190518 Rus Brot's CLAS Wheat-rye Russian Pancake

I haven't refreshed my CLAS for almost a month, so this "bake" "forced" me to check on it.  Thankfully, it's doing fine in the fridge; the pH is 3.9 after a brief warm-up in the water bath. 


See my new toy? 


The old one... 


because I "proved" it with the dough in my humid and warm bread machine.  So the new meter has to be waterproof!






The key to success in CLAS is controlling the temperature in every step, and, of course, following Rus' formula and instructions !





Bubbly batter







Crepe made with 33% rye, including my homemade red rye malt, which I want to use whenever I can. 







I made my son's favorite weekend breakfast with Rus' pancake.  Thank you, Rus!






I seldom made pancakes, so some of their shapings looked quite weird. 






Practice makes progress.






 Rus asked why my pancakes were so tiny.  I guess these are tiny no more!






Guess why and how I used this potato to make the pancakes?  It saved my waistline!



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and stuffing them with berries and some kind of sweetened cream or cheese.  I don't have any home made red rye malt right now but I'm Making them anyway.  They look fantastic. 

Well done and happy baking Yippee

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if you don't use red rye malt, according to Rus' instructions.


I 💞💞💞 these pancakes, and I eat them everyday with melted dark chocolate. Rus' rye bread and these pancakes have become my staple food! 

Please remember maintaining the optimal temperature is the key to success in CLAS baking. Otherwise, you may not be able to realize how flavorful CLAS is!

Hope you will enjoy these pancakes!