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Farmers Market Snack Ideas

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Farmers Market Snack Ideas

Greetings fellow bread bakers!!

I just started the season at a farmers market and day one was great! I am gathering ideas on savory snacks to offer in addition to bread. This week I plan to offer fresh baked bialys and Sesame Cumin crackers. I am looking for items that are easy to prep, bake, and package. Something I can do in and around baking 30-50 loaves of bread. 

What are your thoughts? 

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I found this recipe via TFL - might be worth a look?


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I've substituted pecorino-romano for the cheddar, and serranos for the jalapeños, and it makes a world of difference to the taste.

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and had great success with a variety of breadsticks; large almost decorative crackers that diners break a piece off when paired with a dip; lavash and other ethnic flatbreads. Since I was a displaced New Yorker I also baked the breads & pastries of the old Jewish bakeries in New York. Ask your customers if there is something they wish they could taste again. I wound up researching recipes then making ethic items based on customer requests. Challenging & fun for me, delightful for them and the other new customers who never tasted that particular item before. I also partnered with a Farmers Mkt goat farmer using their goat yogurt as an ingredient in my bread. We promoted each other. Mostly, have fun!!

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David R

I think farmers' market crowds will cluster around anything that's really good plus a bit "different" - it doesn't even really matter what it is, as long as it fits in this sentence: "Hey, have you tried the [thing] at the farmers' market? It's really good!"

If it's TOO "different" no one will try it; if it's not "different" enough, it won't seem like a farmers' market thing.

Something you already like is always easier, and you'll probably do the best job of something like that.