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How hot does your average covered charcoal grill get? I am not talking your fancy green eggs and such, I am talking Walmart covered barbecue gill.

 I propose a NYC covered grill community bake at Manhattan beach or a less crowded place I know in the general vicinity. 

 I picked the general topic heading because this is a general question.

 So? Where are my NYC baking buddies? Who is up for an in person Saturday or Sunday community bake?

 Not a contest, a collaboration  of baking, fun and camaraderie.


1. You show up with a almost proofed loaf,

2. you light your grill

3. you bake your bread.

4.  If possible bring two Walmart special charcoal grills. ( We will decice how many we need when we know who is coming)

5. bring some hot dogs or burgers, potato salad or chicken, lets make a day of it!

Is this doable? Alternatively am I a dreamer?


 Kind regards,

 Will F.


The Roadside Pie King

P.S. Photo strictly for attention.