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Best digital scales

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Best digital scales

Hey Breadies,

My digital scales have trouble weighing low weight ingredients such as 6g salt, 12g yeast etc. It has trouble with sensitivity down that low.  

What scales works for you guys with items like that? Thanks! 

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Our Crumb

That’s what you want. Google it. I have a WMF and a Tescoma.  Both were purchased in Italy but there are other makes available everywhere. 


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I will check those out.  Thank you! 

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I just ordered that one.  Thank you for the info! 

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I use one too: an Oxo scale for the big weights, one of these for small weights.  I'd treat its hundredth of a gram readout as a random number, though -- accurate measure of weight at that level is real hard.  Even with calibration (you need a 100 gram calibration weight; they give instructions) this particular scale is probably only accurate within one or two tenths of a gram.  But happily that's enough precision for bread.

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Kay Erland

I've used a "My Weigh KD8000" for several years now - if you're only interested in very small weights, you might do better with a jeweler's scale, but I use this one to measure from a gram or two of salt up to over 17 pounds.  (It's great for weighing ingredients into a big glass measuring cup or pyrex bowl - you can tare out the container and still fill it with flour and water, etc.)  It also has baker's math functions that work well, but I'm not baking so many different recipes that I use it that way.  I think it's about $62 on Amazon and you can find it for less elsewhere.

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David R

Wow, if that model is accurate enough at both ends of its range then it's quite a find. From a small number of grams up to 8 kg or so... Tough to think of a home-baking situation that that wouldn't cover.

EDIT: I looked up the KD8000 on Amazon - lots of great reviews, but also a pretty significant number reporting gross inaccuracy and/or early failure. And it seems like most people who reported problems got no response from the manufacturer either.

Maybe this is how to run a smart business in 2019: Big hype up front, cancel quality control, very quickly sell enough units to make a profit, and fold up the company before customers get wise. 😐

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Until 2 years ago I had a basic cheap kitchen scale that didn't handle yeast or salt weight, so I bought a SmartWeigh digital pocket scale from Amazon.  Then my big scale died, so after TFL research I got a MyWeigh KD8000.  It takes up a bit more space, but it's used several times a week and has held up well.  Bought a calibration weight that works on both scales.  I've never had to adjust the MyWeigh.  Love the removable/washable plate. 

Maybe things have changed, but MyWeigh customer service was great (I bought Amazon - needed a scale fast).  When new we couldn't remove the dust shield and didn't want to force it.  Called to see what I was doing wrong, was told to keep the scale, and they'd send a replacement after I sent in the warranty card & battery cover.  Said I didn't want that (just help), but they insisted on honoring their warranty so I complied.  The replacement (no charge) arrived in a few days, but the outer box was badly kicked in (UPS).  E-mailed a picture without opening it.  She replied the next day, said to mail back the card & cover, and do what I wanted with the scale.  The inside box was undamaged & the scale worked fine, but she said they don't guarantee a possibly damaged item.  The 3rd scale arrived promptly (undamaged); I gave it to a niece who bakes and she loves it.  I have the 2nd one stored as a backup, but probably won't need it.  My husband cut a battery cover from plexiglass.

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I appreciate the info and help.  I've ordered a jewelry scale on amazon.  I'll give the myweigh a shot if this setup doesn't work for me.  Your comments are extremely helpful,  thank you! 

What i ordered: 

Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale,100g by 0.01g,Digital Grams Scale, Food Scale, Jewelry Scale Black, Kitchen Scale (TOP-100)