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30% Sprouted Corn 20% Kamut Sourdough

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30% Sprouted Corn 20% Kamut Sourdough

I’m aware that corn makes tasty bread after baking with toasted popcorn and sprouted popcorn. However, the fact that popcorn is so tough makes milling it tricky. Non-popcorn corn species is usually softer so when I saw finally spotted some, I immediately grabbed a bag :) That said, I still recommend milling it on a coarser setting first then re-milling it.



30% Sprouted Corn 20% Kamut Sourdough


Dough flour (all freshly milled):

90g       30%       Sprouted corn flour

90g       30%       Whole white wheat flour

60g       20%       Whole kamut flour

60g       20%       Whole spelt flour


For leaven:

12g            4%       Starter

34g       11.3%       Bran sifted from dough flour

34g       11.3%       Water


For dough:

266g      88.7%       Dough flour excluding bran for leaven

163g      54.3%       Water

80g        26.7%       Whey

80g        26.7%       Leaven

6g              2%        Vital wheat gluten

5g          1.67%       Salt



306g        100%       Whole grain

283g       92.5%       Total hydration


Sift out the bran from dough flour except pearl millet flour, reserve 34 g for the leaven. Soak the rest, if any, in equal amount of whey taken from dough ingredients.

Combine all leaven ingredients and let sit until doubled, around 3 hours (27°C).  

Roughly combine all dough ingredients except for the leaven and salt, autolyze for 15 minutes. Knead in the reserved ingredients and ferment for a total of 2 hours. Construct a set of stretch and fold at the 15 minutes mark and 30 minutes mark respectively.

Shape the dough directly then put in into a banneton. Retard for 8 hours.

Preheat the oven at 250°C/482°F. Since the dough wasn’t ready for the oven, I let it proof for another 1 hour at room temperature. Score and spritz the dough then bake at 250°C/482°F with steam for 15 minutes then without steam for 25 minutes more or until the internal temperature reaches a minimum of 208°F. Let it cool for a minimum of 2 hours before slicing.



Look at that bright yellow crumb! The stunning colour alone is enough reason to bake with corn regularly. This bread doesn’t have a very open crumb because of the heaviness of corn. Yet, it’s still moist and isn’t unacceptably dense. 



Since I didn’t toast the corn, this bread doesn’t have that cinema-popcorn-feeling experienced in my previous popcorn loaves. The sprouted corn takes centre stage but it isn’t as robust as most sprouted grains. Overall, this is a mild and sweet tasting (and looking!) bread with little acidity.





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I want to come over and have dinner at _your_ house!!! So many delicious looking foods!  (Oh, and the bread is very nice too...)

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What a pity we still don't have the technology to send aroma across space. Pictures tell a thousand words but aroma tells a million when it comes to food :) The injustice and deceptiveness in this world can be fully demonstrated by how some gorgeous-plated dishes taste meh, yet mind-blowing dishes can look unappealing... (Wait, I don't mean my food doesn't taste exciting in reality lol) 

Glad you like the food and the bread, Jess!