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Over night Final Rise - Cover?

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Over night Final Rise - Cover?

Howdy Folks!


Been playing with SD recipes and have decided that I really like the over night final rise results. The last couple times I’ve made this recipe, I seem to be forming a bit of a crust on my dough whilst its in the fridge. What do you cover your dough with to prevent this?


Ive used plastic wrap, Ive also tried letting it rise in a Pyrex dish with the glass lid on and I still get a dried out ring around the base of the loaf/dough and of course I’ve used a towel. Maybe I should use a damp towel? 


Any recommendations are appreciated. 



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I have been making sandwich loaf sourdoughs lately and using an aluminized steel 10x5 pan. I then just put that inside a plastic grocery bag and tie it up with a little air in it and it seems to hold moisture nicely. One thing though, is I am bulk fermenting at about 85°F, so the more drastic change from that to fridge causes some condensation to form in the bag which I believe helps. Maybe try to inject a little steam into a bag from a pot of boiling water and then tie it off in a bag quick first? Just my thoughts 

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that look like shower caps. I get them at the dollar store. I never have dried areas on my boules.