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Mabel - Daughter's new baby Red Merle - Aussiedoodle

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Mabel - Daughter's new baby Red Merle - Aussiedoodle


Oppssss.  Mabel is very shy and doesn't want her pictures posted.  She is a cutie for sure though!


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Barney is ecstatic as he also is an Aussie Doodle! I loooooove the Merle and almost got one but they are very tricky to get here in the UK...Barney is now cross and says that his colouring is fine thank you very much.. Similar fleecy coat and recommend lots of combing and getting her used to it early, especially being able to touch their feet and paws... They have a phase when they grow out their baby coat where you have to watch them as they develop knots so quickly and then it gets easier....

I actually decided to scissor cut and use a  clipper for body only myself as much easier and cost effective...(and watch those groomers as they often give them a 'poodle' cut and you think it is not your dog anymore!) so if your daughter wants any tips..I am happy to help....They have a lovely temperament!

She is soooo cute!  Kat

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They are begging you to send them a photo so they can see her!  Hurry up now....they have little patience :).