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Cheddar bread?

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Cheddar bread?

Does anybody have any good recipes for a cheddar cheese bread? I don't care if it is necesarily sourdough or not, as I can convert it either way, but looking for a good baseline that works :) 

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I just add about 120 grams (about a cup, coarsely grated) to my normal bread recipe for a standard 9x5 loaf after the first rise. The salt will make it rise a little slower, by about 20%, but it's not a deal-breaker. I usually use Gruyere, but i'm sure cheddar will work too. Nice as individual rolls too.

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David R

Assuming this works with Gruyère, I can't see a way for it to not also work with any hard cheese. Each type would give a slightly different texture, melt differently, and so on, but if a type of cheese can be grated and/or shredded successfully in the first place (rather than turned to crumbles or wet blobs), it should fit the same treatment.

But it may also depend on what other people call "a normal bread recipe" - maybe your "normal" just happens to be highly suited to the addition of grated cheese.

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I add 280g of the strongest grated cheddar to the regular wholemeal tartine sourdough recipe, which makes two loaves. (700g wholemeal, 300g strong white, 800g water, 200g levain, 20g salt). Just use usual method, adding cheese at 2nd s and f. I make it in tin with liner, as tendency to stick, but free form would work too. It's delicious.