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Hello I'm New

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Hello I'm New

Just to say hello I'm new and a little scared! I'll look around first before I try to post anything. 

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Well, okay, maybe the thought of diving into the breadaholic rabbit hole seems a little bit scary but, hey, all of the residents love it here.  😀

Serioisly, this is a wonderful community of bakers whose skills range from newest noob to established professionals.  Ask questions, use the Search tool, share your experiences.  There is much to gain and much to give for each of us. 


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David R

The only thing here to be scared of, is to make sure your oven is safe so it doesn't burn your house down. 🙂

Well, that plus Rule Number One: If a knife is falling - let it fall. 🙂

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Gentle One

If I may add the obvious to your Rule Number One--let it fall far away from you (and family, friends, and pets). But both your comments are very, very good.

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David R

If I could choose in advance the locations of accidents, yes, that would be best. 😁

But since I can't, what I said will have to be an acceptable second best. 🙂

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There is no reason to fear anything here. Feel free to speak your mind.

People that know me are aware that I sometimes ask crazy questions. But I have an inquiring mind and learning is important to me.

Ask away... :D