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Pizzies Pierre-nuries 9 story

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Mini Oven

Pizzies Pierre-nuries 9 story

How I went about it...

I made Leader's Pierre-nury rustic rye dough. I like the dough so much, I'm experimenting again, well....

After following all the directions, carefully laid out the dough before me. I had just prepared all my ingredients:

 Garden rocket, dried tomato pesto, leeks, pimento, ripe olives, cheese stuffed mushrooms

toppings: Garden rocket, dried tomato pesto, leeks, pimento, ripe olives, cheese stuffed mushrooms (they are lurking)

 just smear it ondough with dried tomato pesto


 Leave it flat and finish adding toppings or...fresh leeks, chopped rocket, and pizza spices (chilie peppers?)

Then gently start to fold. First in half, and then again, so I quess that would be a double fold.


Then as you cut off a 2" piece with a bench scraper, pinch one end together so the "guts" stay put. Lay each cut piece on edge, cut side up (pinched side down) and let it just fall open onto the parchment paper.   I got 4 to 5 to a sheet.

cut and pinch

Then sprinkle sloppily with thin sliced red pimento, grated cheese, mushroom chunks, and sliced black olives. ...and into the oven!  Mine actually got to 600°F using fan and lower heat. wow. Throw some water in the lower pan and steam 'em good! Mine took 15 minutes, oven temp had dropped to 450°F after opening the door.

 well that's what it reminds me

"End of the winter tire sale"

 Toppings are quite heavy but cut these gems into slices, and they're the right size

After baking: Toppings are quite heavy and weigh the dough down.  My dough was made with all purpose wheat.  You might have better luck with the bread flour recommended in the recipe.

But they sure are Good!               (drool, slobber, yum, slobber, drool)

Pierre-nury pizza

Pierre-nury pizza

ENJOY! from your Mini O with all my love!



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That looks marvelous!  So, you have toppings inside & out?  It looks SOOO delicious!


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This looks amazing and the photographs are great. Definately something I will try soon!


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Looks delicious!  

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omg Mini O!

I just got up and decided to check my emails before I went and made the family a cooked breakfast......NOW I am Starving! and Drooling! They look awesome and even though I dont do sourdough (yet) I think I am going to make that very soon.


*runs off to make food*


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Mini - Those are making me drool, no doubt! I love this dough so much even though it takes some waiting time. It is well worth it.


What is rocket?


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Mini Oven

also known as Rucola (I), Raukenkohl (G), or Rouquelle (F).  Looks a lot like dandy lions but has a radish (contains mustard oils) taste with small yellow mustard like flowers.  Latin: Eruca Sativa or Eruca vesicaria.  Very green and good addition to leafy salads.  Tastes similar to wild water cress.

Mini O

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It's often called arugula in the states.  I miss having a garden!

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I love arugula!


I know, Kippercat, I just placed my order for heirloom tomatoes and am working on my hot chile pepper order. Every year I keep expanding my garden and this year there are so many new things I want to try. Maybe I should plant some arugula!

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Mini Oven

from last year and they were looking pretty dead, but now they're putting out buds and getting leafy again!  (I did water them)   

Rucola is great stuff, everyone nibbles it in the garden,  plant enough so you get some yourself.  It also tends to replant itself once in the garden. That is, if it doesn't totally get eaten...

I grow lots of herbs in flower boxes, keeps the dogs and cats out.  

Mini O