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So Does your Sourdough Starter Have A Name?

Crusty Loafer's picture
Crusty Loafer

So Does your Sourdough Starter Have A Name?

It was brought to my attention recently that my Starter should have a name. After all as i t was reasoned to me "If you feed it you gotta name it," That got me to thinking Does that mean I can claim it on my taxes as a dependent?

So for the sake of discussion Do you have a name for your Starter?

David R's picture
David R

Bendix. 🙂

starvingviolist's picture

Elliott Starter (after composer Elliott Carter)

Riley's picture

It’s only 3 months old so right now it’s called Baby Doh with a nod to the Baby Doe Mine and also to the Simpsons.  

prettyfish's picture

Steve :P

madmoravian's picture

Charlie (who would be in 2nd grade at least now).  It was my third attempt at a starter.

Cellarvie's picture

Nigel Jnr actually. Nigel Snr met a very unsavoury end.

Our Crumb's picture
Our Crumb

At least that must be it because once a week, when my wife goes up to bed, I'm heard to say, "I'll be up in a minute.  I have to feed my children."

dabrownman's picture

you learn quickly to never name something you plan to kill, bake and eat:-)

pmccool's picture

Dairy cows were named, since they were around for a number of years, but anything else remained anonymous.


Crusty Loafer's picture
Crusty Loafer

Well that has certainly given me some"Food" for thought, I'm not quite sure just yet what to call mine.

dabrownman's picture

fridge for 20 weeks and is a bit.....temperamental and bout doing what it is supposed to do.

picosinge's picture

It is a French strain, and Asterix was small but mighty.  

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Dave Cee

After my late mother. We both stumbled blindly through the wilderness for years in search of sourdough without having a clue. She would have been a diligent baker.


BTW "Bettie" is now 1 year old and resides in my refrigerator. Her hobby is baking, too.