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Approximate bake times for different sourdough loaf sizes.

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Approximate bake times for different sourdough loaf sizes.

My original loaf size is: 

500g white Shipton Mill flour

16g salt

300g water

150g starter 


 I am increasing the loaf size by 50% and 25%, and bake in a Rofco B40. 

I don't want to waste the loaves so don't want to fly blind in baking - am I on the right track if I increase the bake time by 50% and 25% accordingly? The temp I get good results from on the first loaf is 270C dropped down to 200C with steam added, then opening the vents after 20min for the final 10min. 


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David R

It depends on the shape. Think of a short baguette compared to a long baguette of the same thickness - they bake in about the same amount of time. Go by how much wider/thicker your loaf is in its smallest dimension, rather than by how much it weighs. (Unless your oven would now be nearing its full capacity - I don't know ovens at all, but a packed-full oven is likely to act differently, requiring you to compensate.)