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Bread went flat in clay dutch oven

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Bread went flat in clay dutch oven

I just baked 2 loaves in my new breadtopia dutch ovens.
One of them is mainly sprouted Spelt with flax  and the other 50% stoneground flour and olives.
(Since it happened to both I don't think it's the mass, but I'll be happy to elaborate if needed)

My process:
Mix 25gr 100% starter (very healthy) with 100 gr stonground flour and 100 gr room temp water
Let ferment for 4 H
2 Hours Autolyse (Flour and 80-85% of the water)
Add salt + 1/3 of the remaining water + leaven
Rest for 10 min
Stretch and fold
Wait 60 min
Stretch and fold
Wait 60 min
Add olivs/seeds
Wait 60 min

Shape into a ball boule let rest 20 min
Final shape in baskets
Rest 60 min
Overnight in the fridge
Heat the oven with Dutch to 450-500
Bake bread coverd for 20 min
Bake uncovered for 20-25 min

It's a new but not so great at keeping the heat gas oven but I managed to get far, far better results. 
mostly with a roasting pan subbing for proper dutch oven. 

Can anyone tell me what happened to the bread? 
It's all flat, and the crumbs are so so dense.... 

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I don't think the vessel caused your problem. The bread appears to be over proofed.

Boy! The seeded crust is beautiful.


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Abe (not verified)

Since I have little experience with sprouted grain and it's sprouted spelt with flax to-boot! This is a bread which has odds stacked against it for a perfectly risen loaf with an open crumb. A plain spelt is difficult enough without the other factors added in. Keep it simple and then move in till you've mastered this not so easy grain. 

The second "issue" which I think needs elaboration (apart from there being no recipe as such in the post so difficult to comment) is why did you wait 4 hours for the levain? Were you watching the clock or was it ready to proceed into the final dough?