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History of San Francisco Sourdough

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History of San Francisco Sourdough

Steve Giraudo, whose family owned the company that ultimately controlled Parisian, Colombo, Toscano and Boudin bakeries, sent me links to a couple youtube videos that document the history of those companies. Note that Larraburu was never part of this consortium.  Given the recent interest in SF SD, I thought these would be of interest to many TFL folks.

This one is parts of a couple TV programs, one with a brief biography of Steve's father, who started baking SF SD in 1935 and ended up owning all the remaining old time bakeries. This is before Acme, Tartine and the new generation. That's another story for another day.




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By Interstate bakeries, including Larraburu which eventually went bankrupt as the owner of these fine bakeries that they ran unto the ground just a few years later.  The only thing that came out of the bankruptcy was the King and crown jewel of all breads -  Wonder Bread and Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies!  Amazing for sure....