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My timelapse video of sourdough starter

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My timelapse video of sourdough starter

Details in on the video site, but basically, it's just a simple timelapse video I threw together of a 1:4:4 feeding, over a ~16 hour period. Water used was ~40-50 degrees (f), so it took a little longer to wake up.

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Glad it was timeslapsed. 

What I found interesting was how long the peak time lasted.  I was always concerned that I'd miss the peak time because I thought it was a short time frame.


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staff of life

I had thought water that cold would kill a starter, or at least a good portion of it.  I've made plenty of batches of sourdough breads that used water out of the fridge and it didn't matter how long I let the dough rise, it wouldn't.  The starter in the jar would still be fine--it wasn't refreshed with water that cold.  But maybe I'm wrong here.


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YES, it was probably more closer to 50 degrees than 40, however, I wouldn't 'think' cold water would kill anything, considering BBA has his favorite recipe use ice cold water...  hmmmm....


My pipes run through the ground, and it was cold outside that day (dang builders). 

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Mini Oven


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A fantastic education in only 92 seconds.