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Live streaming Nesting Bald Eagles at Lake Pleasant AZ

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Live streaming Nesting Bald Eagles at Lake Pleasant AZ

Their first egg was eaten by ravens and their 2nd one was eaten by a ring tail but hopefully they will pay more attention to their eggs from now on!  They are beautiful Bbids to watch.


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Here's one of the local pairs on the shores of Boone Lake. They fledged 3 eaglets for the first time last year. The funniest part was when a curious squirrel decided to find out what built such a big nest in his tree. Only the briefest of glances seemed to satisfy his enquiring mind. 


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Thank you for these great links! I participate in the Audobon eagle watch on Lake Tarpon in Florida. Our last count was 26 individuals seen. There are about 6 nests around this large freshwater lake and a large osprey, red-tailed hawk and re-shouldered hawk population. We also have several swallow-tailed kites that live here. Lovely hobby.