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Best way to freeze my sourdough loaves?

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Best way to freeze my sourdough loaves?


I have been happily baking bread for 3-4 months now, and make 2 loaves at a time. I cut up the first one and freeze it in a plastic bag for use during the week. This bread has become our daily bread. Now, the second loaf I like to freeze whole. So, I wrap it in plastic wrap. Works fine. I thaw it out for a few hours, and cut up per usual.

But, this takes a bunch of plastic wrap every week. Can't reuse the stuff because it sticks to itself. Has anybody got a good reusable method for freezing the bread that really keeps it fresh, but causes less waste of plastic?

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My food co-op offers some large, heavy-duty plastic bags next to the bulk bin. I use and re-use those bags for freezing sliced bread and even for covering bannetons in the refrigerator. Just wash! Dunno if you can find these for sale; I haven't looked.

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I wrap the cooled loaves in parchment paper, then put the wrapped loaves in plastic and in the freezer.  Then I am able to reuse both the parchment and the plastic bag.


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I'm gonna try that. Sounds good.

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Howard Wong

I use a bunch of these washable bags to freeze my loaves and when I thaw it I would put a frozen slice into a plastic box in room temperature to keep it from drying out.

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I triple-bag the loaves before freezing (using twist ties to seal them).  Bread holds up well, and bags wash easily as needed.