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Should I cover loaves during final proof?

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Should I cover loaves during final proof?

I'm trying to bake WW sandwich bread for my family and discovering all of the challenges that come with getting a good rise with whole grains.  On my most recent attempt, I finally got a good proof on the second rise when the loaves were in the pans.  Per the recipe, I had covered the loaves with lightly greased plastic wrap.  But when I pulled off the plastic wrap, the loaves fell quite a bit and stayed fallen.  Is it necessary to cover loaves during the 2nd proof at all?  And if so, is there a way to do it that won't damage the rise?

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"Is it necessary to cover loaves during the 2nd proof at all?"

I think so.  i spread melted butter on the dough, not on the plastic cover and have no problem.


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Hi Elizabeth!

I am thinking that unless the plastic film was super stuck to your bread dough, that over proofing is probably the culprit. If a super overproofed dough is disturbed, deflation is likely. I keep my doughs covered (often inside an inflated bag”), but Ford’s idea of using butter is new to me and interesting.

My best resource for 100% Whole Wheat is Laurel Robertson's 'The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book‘. Her method is described in detail is in the chapter called, ‘A Loaf for Learning’. If you are interested and prefer to not buy the book, check out THIS LINK.


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David R the good comments so far, different brands of plastic often stick differently, whether by design or by chance.